Kamis, 17 April 2014

Here's Seven Missing In Mysterious Plane

Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 LOSS not been found already almost a month . The story is always there in some local and international media . But , this is not the first plane missing in suspicious circumstances and was not even discovered until now .

As reported by the Metro , Friday ( 04/18/2014 ) , here are some airlines that during the last 50 years disappeared and was never found , so until now been a mystery .

1 . The Flying Tiger Line Flight 739
Military aircraft flight departure from California to Vietnam in 1962 that brought 107 passengers , including 93 soldiers United States (U.S. ) suddenly disappeared after refueling at Guam ( a small island in the western Pacific Ocean ) . ( Read: egg food untuk parkit )

Flights to the Philippines this disappeared from the radar without leaving a message to the radio operator , making the researchers suspect the plane exploded in flight . However , there was no debris found though was searched for eight days and as far as 200 thousand square miles .

2 . Northwest Orient Airlines Flight 2501
Northwest Orient Airlines Flight 2501 departing from New York to Seattle with 55 passengers and three crew disappeared suddenly . Last known location by radar plane disappeared in location 3,500 feet above Lake Michigan . It is only after asking permission to descend to 2,500 feet .

Search is performed around the lake , but no wreckage was found . However , there is news that preach in 2008 , the researchers believe that he found a nameless tomb containing the bodies of the victims have been buried by the locals after they were stranded on the beach .

3 . Aircraft Glenn Miller 's
Glenn Miller is a well-known bands of the era of swing music genre . They travel by military aircraft to entertain U.S. troops in France . But the ill-fated plane was lost over the English Channel .

There is some speculation that occur , such pasawat in bomb when it accidentally flew back from Germany . But other speculations say that the death of vocalist Glenn Miller covered because he suffered a heart attack after having sex with prostitutes in France .

4 . Frederick Valentich and plane
Frederick conduct flight training routine he did in 1987 ago . When the 20-year -old man menerbangan plane as far as 241 kilometers ( km ) . Frederick had radio contact with him that there was another plane that follows . However , a few seconds later he claimed it was not a plane and tranmisinya suddenly interrupted by friction .

After the incident the UFO enthusiast Men were never seen again . Many have speculated that Frederick was abducted by aliens and others believe he disappeared himself .

5 . Atlantic C - 124
A military aircraft departure from New Mexico to Suffolk , England , had to make an emergency landing in the sea due to a fire that occurred when the last flight in 1951 .

Although landings goes well , when the rescuers arrived on the scene there was no sign of 53 passengers on the plane . Many have speculated that Soviet submarines operating in the area grabbed them .

6 . Doughlas Canadian Pacific Air Lines DC - 4
A routine flight from Vancouver , Canada to Japan turned into a tragedy when it failed to appear at the first scheduled in Anchorage , Alaska . Passenger aircraft 37 people were missing , but the wreckage was not found and even disappear mysteriously .

7 . BSAA Star Ariel
Star Ariel BSAA plane flying from Bermuda to Kingston , Jamaica , the moment the plane carrying 13 passengers and was giving the news that they were fine when the plane flew over the Atlantic Ocean in 1951 ago .

However, the plane suddenly BSAA Star Ariel was not heard from again and never get in Kingston . In search found no wreckage , no one even call May Day , bad weather , or aircraft damage , so many people assume that the aircraft had been lost in the Bermuda Triangle .


Police Field Syndicate Reveals Calo Police Academy

Medan City Police, arrested syndicate brokers acceptance Police Academy Midshipman, RN (48) resident of Jalan Cempaka Housing Helvetia, who cheats the victim Said Ali Harahap Rp500 million.

Invisible Criminal Police Commissioner Jean Calvijn simanjuntak on Thursday, said the suspect is a syndicate brokers, in receipt of Youth Police Academy (Police Academy) and Police Officer.

The incident occurred when the Police Academy Cadet admission last 2013 years, and the moment was utilized suspect and his colleagues to deceive parents who want their children to enter the police officer.

"Because the child victim Said Ali Harahap not passed in. Youth Police Academy, he reported the fraud case to the Police Field," said Calvijn.

He said, to investigate cases of fraud, the Police investigation team departed Medan to Jakarta.

Because according to the suspect RN (48), other colleagues who are members of the syndicate touts living in Jakarta

"The suspect is known expert in the field of brokering, and we also do not know how many people are deceived by the suspect," said former New Medan police chief.

He mentions, in carrying out the action, to move where the suspect, and sometimes in Medan and Jakarta that investigation a little longer.

After police arrested her in Jakarta, and will reveal who the person is behind the syndicate brokers acceptance of the Youth Police Academy.
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"We also appeal to the city of Medan in order not believe that anyone can be passed to enter the Police Academy cadets and Police Officer, and follow the procedures and testing, as many said could pass but apparently cheated," said Criminal visible.


Selasa, 15 April 2014

Moldy Cake Pieces of Wedding William-Kate Conduct USD 8 Million

For you lovers of cake, you definitely willing to spend any of your pockets to be able to taste the flavor of a delicious cake. However, whether you are still willing to spend a bit to moldy cake following?
As reported by the BBC, Tuesday (15/04/2014), in contrast with the case following moldy cake. The moldy cake has its own history as a wedding cake comes from the British royal family.

Not long ago, a piece of cake from the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton are not worth eating moldy alias has reportedly been sold to £ 420 aka 7 to 8 million dollars.
While it is moldy, but the cakes taste fruit and white flowers studded, made by Fiona Caims specifically for the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton in 2011 and that was sold quickly and willingly redeemed at a premium.
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Pieces of cake are sold at an auction house called Mellors and Kirk, Nottingham. The cake itself was originally an employee-owned named Adrian Richardson, which was given to him as a token of gratitude for his help in the royal wedding.

The cake was given in a box, complete with a letter from Prince Charles, Prince of Wales and his wife, the Duchess of Cornwall. Adrian then decided to auction it off and had no idea of ​​the cake will be sold at high prices.

Previously, the same piece of wedding cake is also successfully sold to Rp 39 million in the United States in November 2013 ago.
(Elizabeth Swanti)


Senin, 14 April 2014

Features WiFi Printer Canon Sales Boost

JAKARTA - The inkjet printer is still the idol in Indonesia . Therefore, the printer manufacturers continue to provide an array of support features to attract more users .

Canon , for example , besutannya equip printers with a number of additional features . One of them can be connected to WiFi .

Disclosed Division Manager Canon Consumer System Products Division pt . Datascrip , Monica Aryasetiawan , WiFi is one of the growth drivers of the printer market . One of the Canon printers with WiFi features the popular Pixma MG3570 is .
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" Speed ​​is no longer the primary target printer buyers , but also there must be other supporting features such as WiFi . Example MG3570 good sales because of the WiFi and an affordable price , " said Monica at Pondok Indah Mall , Jakarta , Monday ( 14/4 / 2014 ) .

Printers with features such as WiFi and sold at affordable prices , says Monica , much in demand by consumers . Pixma MG3570 is claimed to successfully boost the inkjet printer market middle class ( middle ) Canon to 15 percent .

While the low-end inkjet printers ( below ) is still dominated by the percentage of 80 percent , the remaining high-end ( above ) with 5 percent . Monica hopes there will be a shift to next year .

" We hope that this printer is the middle segment could rise to 20 percent , by reducing the lower segment . Above for printer segment is expected to be 7 percent , " he concluded .


Sabtu, 12 April 2014

The more complicated the world, in the U.S. Parents Focus on Character Education

Talk about education , perhaps , Indonesia needs to reflect on the changes in perspective and methods of education in other countries , one of the United States . One thing the exemplar of the schools in the U.S. is the application of leadership and character education students at the school .

" All children have the potential to be a leader , at least not so leaders himself . Character is where education is very important to recognize themselves , " said Murriel Summers , Principal of AB Combs Leadership Magnet Elementary School in the U.S. , at the seminar " The Leader in Me " in Jakarta , Saturday ( 05/04/2014 ) then .

Murriel along with school staff to develop a character -based leadership in the country . By identifying and developing the unique talents of each participant students , learners at AB Combs school academic achievement earned above average .

" Training is the character of leadership will also indirectly affect the improvement of academic ability ana . So , parents need not worry about his skill level , " he said .

Although many parents are hesitant initially , further Murriel , school is also a poor public schools in the U.S. , it has a lot more students . That is , he added , thinking of parents in the U.S. began to change about education .

Murriel , which also tells the story of success as a principal in the book The Leader in Me , the works of Stephen R. Covey , said that he also held talks with parents about what diiinginkan parents of the school . As a result, parents in the U.S. would want the teachers in the schools to educate their children with the ability to get along , responsible , tolerant , able to solve problems and learn creative .

It is quite surprising , the parents did not touch on the subject of academic achievement and values ​​a good lesson from her children . In fact , in the 1990s , many schools require parents and children can print a high value lessons .

At that time , there are three basic lessons that became the center of gravity and standard intelligence , namely reading , writing and mathematics . Stephen R Covey wrote in his book , that it was most likely due to the nightmare that occurred at the school in 1999 .

" Some people believe that shooting incident that occurred at Columbine High School in Littleton , Colorado in April 1999 to make parents and educators more worried about the physical and emotional safety of their children in school rather than academic achievement , " wrote Stephen .

Increasingly complex world

Looking more to the rear , a paradigm shift parents about the child's education has actually started to happen in 1989. Sociologist from the University of Michigan , Duane Alwin , even noting that in 1920 the past , parents prefer obedience , obedience , respect for parents and religion , as well as polite behavior as properties that they want to have children .

However , in course of time all that changed . In the early 1990s , more parents want the children to have the ability to think for yourself , take responsibility for their own lives , have high initiative , and tolerance of differences .

The question is , what makes a parent changing attitudes ?

"The world is getting complicated . Parents want their children to succeed in life and be able to survive . They know that good jobs require us to think for themselves , " said Alwin .
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Now , in the 21st century , young people need to be more independent and more responsible for themselves and the surrounding environment is increasing. Therefore , a good character education is needed in order to meet the child's needs and demands of the times .


Kamis, 10 April 2014

This capability She Android with 'Life' 46 Days

Thin smartphone usually has a small capacity battery because it is limited to the slim body . However , not so with a smart phone called the Eton Thor .

Despite only having a thickness of 9 mm , the capacity of the Chinese -made Android smartphone battery is classified as extraordinary for the size of the phone , which is 5,000 mAh .
As quoted from Phone Arena , with the battery , Eton Thor is able to survive in a very long time , reaching 1,100 hours of standby time or approximately 46 days with 21 hours of talk time .
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In comparison , the iPhone 5S has a standby time of 10 days along , while the Galaxy S5 can last 15 days .

In it , Eton Thor octa -core processor reinforced MediaTek MT6592 is an 8 - core chips " first " in the world , in the sense that all the processing core can run concurrently , not separated into two groups as in big.LITTLE concept .

Chip which has a Mali - 450 GPU was paired with 2GB of RAM , but no 4G LTE connectivity which is still being developed in China .
Information on the screen Eton Hawk is unknown , so is the price . Most likely this phone will only be sold at the Bamboo Curtain country .


Rabu, 09 April 2014

Toreh New Record, WhatsApp Handle 64 Billion Messages Per Day

One proof of WhatsApp as world's most popular messaging app has just been revealed in early April . The company announced via the official Twitter account that they have reached a new record by processing 64 billion messages in just 24 hours .

That number consists of 20 billion messages sent and received 44 billion messages . Numbers are not in sync on the number of messages sent and received total because companies participated include group messaging , which means , for example, send a message to the chat group consisting of 10 people to make a 1:10 ratio between messages sent versus message received .
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Though instant messaging application which Facebook bought in February for $ 19 billion it had announced that they process 50 messages in one day , in January 2014 . Hose That means only three months , they managed to process 14 billion additional messages . While the path is not smooth with WhatsApp supervision issues surrounding privacy issues and had experienced a blackout , profitable rival Telegram and Line . And last March WhatsApp CEO back in January Koum also have to emphasize that the purchase will not affect the privacy of Facebook users .

Looks like WhatsApp are eager to eliminate its outrage by announcing this new record . Less than a year ago , WhatsApp processing 27 billion messages per day . Given the latest figures 64 billion more than doubled, growing evidence WhatsApp be brilliant . WhatsApp also announced earlier this year that he has passed the 465 million monthly active users . The company also features voice call immediately added this quarter to further boost its growth .